Gürbağ Precast Company, which has been established in Şanlıurfa,
is currently serving on a 50.000 m² of land with a 12.000 m²
indoor space.
As well as prefabricated structures, Gürbağ is one of the leader
establishments of the region in cast in-situ constructions.
Main objective of Gürbağ Precast is to build technological, safe,
high quality and economical structures.
With this vision, total area of completed projects of Gürbağ
Precast Company has reached to 1.580.000 m² as of 2008.
Gürbağ rapidly carries on its activities in order to provide
high quality service and meet the investors’ requirements.
For this purpose, it has started prefabrication of prestressed
industrial components and bridge girders since 2002.
Having aimed to manufacture best quality, Gürbağ is the member
of Turkish Precast Concrete Association and holds the quality
assurance certificate. Moreover, Gürbağ Precast holds the TSE,
TSEK, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007
Gürbağ Precast Company serves for the investors in the
Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia region from the facilities in
Şanlıurfa and for the Iraqian investors from the subsidiary
facilities located in Northern Iraq’s Dohuk city with its
experienced technical staff and machineries.
Being one of the members of Gürbağ Group, which is located
in Ankara, Gürbağ Precast Concrete Company will continue
to research, develop, use new technologies and make new
investments in order to provide better services.